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Members at JHUxBIO will be able to communicate with people from academia and industry on the topics of advanced bio technology, applications of synthetic biology, science-industry transformation, and the social impact of synthetic biology. At the same time, our society will integrate and share research resources on campus to provide space for members who want to practice synthetic biology. These benefits will greatly help our members  to better understand synthetic biology and its impact on humans.

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Eligibility & Commitments

All undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University are eligible for membership in the Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Society At Johns HopkinsUniversity (JHUxBIO) general body after filling out an application survey provided below. We highly appreciate and embrace the involvement of people of all backgrounds.

Members of the JHUxBIO general body must attend at least one General Body

Meeting (GBM) per semester and are allowed to participate in event planning.

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Feel free to contact us for everything related to biology!

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